Saturday, 6 March 2010

Siculicidium - Utolsó Vágta Az Univerzumba

1. Utolsó vágta az Univerzumban
2. Halványan az idő ellen
3. Bizonytalan ideák 1-2 - Ellenállás! (Bizonytalan ideák pt. 2)
4. Talán (ha hallanám...)
5. A sajnálat utolsó lehelete (Taxidermia)
6. Lebomlás, lelassulás

I have been meaning to review this album for a while, but only got round to doing it now. This was one of those CD's that you find sitting in a record shop, you see the cover and a war erupts in your head whether to buy it out of pure curiosity because it looks like you might enjoy it, or be sensible and save your hard earned (or not so hard earned) cash. I chose the former, I am a complete sucker when it comes to buying music blind.

'Utolsó Vágta az Univerzumban' is the debut by Romanian black metal outfit 'Siculicidium', which roughly translates to 'The Last Gallop of the Universe'. Worth noting as well are that the band are also from Transylvania, an area of infamously horrific folklore and legend, which many other black metal bands write about, but can only dream of experiencing. I suppose an apt term for describing Siculicidium's music would be 'Transylvanian Black Metal', for they embody everything of the legend that shrouds Transylvania and her many mysteries. They play a very undermined style of black metal, the type of slow, brooding venom that Inquisition produce. Inquisition appear to be the biggest influence on 'Lugosi Bela' here, the guitar riffs are the same type of rolling, throbbing rhythm present in their Columbian peers. Rather than just remaining content with being an Inquisition clone, the music is sporadically intertwined with melodic, acoustic guitar, giving it an added edge of originality, take for example in the first song at 2:30, it helps in breaking up the music from its macabre procession and keeping you from pressing the skip button. What is notable too is that the music is extremely melodic but still holds the acutely evil atmosphere they are aiming for. Although don't get this mixed up with 'Dimmu Borgir-melodic', for it doesn't contain any keyboards at all, the melody all comes from the guitar riffing and vocal patterns which LB uses almost in unison with the turbulence of the guitar. The vocals are again heavily influenced by Inquisition, akin to Dagon's morbid crowing but slightly more 'sung' and less like they were being spoken. The drumming is fairly simple and straight forward, which is more that suitable for this music as it doesn't require a Hellhammer or Frost to hammer the kit to pieces. Simple rhythms and patterns keep the music at it's lethargic, underworldy pace, where as anything else would just be a distraction. If I had to pick a comparison, I imagine the best I can come up with is twenty percent Barathrum, and eighty percent Inquisition.

The production here is thick and dense, it's good to see the band have also went to the effort of getting a decent production as more often than not it hinders a lot of black metal albums. The band look to have gone for a completely different style than is the trend at the minute, while we are infested with swarms of 'DBSM' clones at the minute, 'Siculicidium' have gave us a very unique album in 'Utolsó Vágta az Univerzumban'. It stands out from the crowd, and I would love to see these guys getting more recognition, because based on this album, they deserve it. If you like your black metal with a real evil atmopshere, catchy riffing and identity, and detest the 'blast and flail norsecore' style then I would strongly recommend this album.


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