Wednesday, 11 November 2009

[ALBUM REVIEW] Lux Interna - Truth and beauty and All Their Severity


1. Fine Flowers in the Valley
2. Secret Heart of this World
3. Weltschmerz


4. Here in this World
5. In the Desolate Open

Lux Interna are are five piece from Buffalo, USA, fronted by the extremely eldritchian voice of Joshua Levi. They play a style of sonorous acoustic folk music akin to what you would hear if you bundled Andrew Eldritch, Current 93 and Sol Invictus into a washing machine and a bit of Nick Cave as fabric conditioner.
Here we have a demo 10 inch EP on little known German label 'Eis und Licht' which specializes in music of the apocalyptic/neo-folk department. First and foremost, the most notable thing that strikes you straight off the bat is the sound quality, for a demo it is remarkably clear and well produced, the production gives the main focus, Josh's voice, to shine. The songwriting is also extremely tight for a demo, the songs could easily have come off a record on a major label.
This is music motivated by sorrow and disillusion with modern society and the desire to come out above it.
Lyrically, this EP is outstanding. The first song 'Here in this World' has a strong religious undercurrent running throughout the song. I can only compare this to a Nick Cave interpretation of Sol Invictus, the song deals with humanity and it's jealousy and contempt towards eachother comparing it with Cain and Abel. The song starts off rather slow and restrained with Josh's voice flowing over each chop of the guitar and then leads to a something reminiscent of a Nick Cave ballad.
The next song, 'In the Desolate Open' is by far and high the highlight of the EP, and the best song from this genre I think I've ever heard. This song is dedicated to two people who i assume were good friends of the band. This is what a wake in my mind should sound like, the solemn vocals coupled with the soft guitar gliding underneath creates an aura of extreme beauty. The conviction with which Joshua sings this is unbound, his voice exudes pure untainted emotion. "And surely the ice that glitters on the pond is a bit of you that beckons from beyond, Calling on, Calling from beyond, Calling on", this metaphor alone wells with emotion, these aren't lyrics for the sake of it, these aren't lyrics, it's poetry.
'Fine Flowers in the Valley' is a rendition of a traditional welsh infanticide ballad. 'Secret Heart of this World' borrows heavily from 'Death in June' with slightly more upbeat guitar and has female vocals in unison with Joshuas.'Weltschmerz' is a spoken word soliloquy affirming a sort of gnostic instinct within man. Their take on it is shrouded in ambiguity, with a relinquishing detachment that this is the way of the earth rather than the 'Survival of the Fittest' ideas of those like Michael Moynihan . The final piece is an ambient track filled with atmosphere and whirling electronics, quite different to the rest of the EP.
In short, this EP is in the upper limits of listening quality, filled with esoteric beauty and tragedy in one. It is also very worth your time to sit down and absorb the lyrics, as they are by and far the high point of this release, and extremely rewarding when you sit down and take them in, combined with Joshs spiritual voice, neo-folk does not get better than this, this is music filled with genuine soul and passion, and definitely worth your time seeking this out. It is an honour to listen to such art.




  1. Many thanks for your kind words, Chris...
    Be well~
    Lux Interna

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