Tuesday, 20 March 2012

[ALBUM REVIEW] Perdition Winds - Perdition Winds

Genre - Black/Death Metal

1. Intro
2. Purification
3. Corrupted Image of God
4. Perdition Winds
5. Path Revealed

Perdition Winds is the latest unholy manifestation from the vocalist from Finnish Black/Thrash psychos Neutron Hammer and along with a handful of members from Lie in Ruins they’re just about to release their self titled debut EP on Darker Than Black. They’re Finnish so immediately the expectations are high as those Finns appear to have a knack for constantly churning out quality Death and Black Metal at a frequency that puts all other countries to shame. Perdition Winds more than lives up to this claim, a brief but devastating descent into a maelstrom of filthy, murky and dense as fuck Black Metal.

I’m a big proponent of atmosphere in extreme metal, so generally Black and Death bands that employ nothing but technical wankery and a blast-like-fuck mindset can go ride themselves. This is where Pestilent Winds manage to succeed, and the atmosphere created on this release is nothing short of oppressive. The music itself is generally of the mid-paced Black Metal variety, thick stifling riffing which complements the atmosphere superbly, superimposed upon by Kaosbringer’s deep resonant gutturals which sound like they’ve been dragged through the blackest pits of hell.

There’s generally no let up in the intensity save for a few quieter outros, you finish one song you’re thrown straight into the chaos again with the next. The overall sound on this short release huge, the menacing riffing, the relentless drumming and the engulfing vocals all combine together into one big unpolished and vile cacophony that’s dripping in death, decay and madness. I’d liken them almost to a faster, blackened version of Autopsy. There's no doubt about it there is definitely a lingering Death Metal vibe hanging around behind everything.

This is definitely one for those who prefer their extreme metal focused on atmosphere and in keeping with the philosophy with which it was intended, and that is to sound as evil as humanly possible. If first impressions are anything to go by, I’d be fairly certain these guys are definitely going to go on to bigger and better things because there’s too much quality here to be ignored. The only negative obtained from it all? It’s too damn short.


Sounds like - Ondskapt, Neutron Hammer, Autposy

Listen - Perdition Winds - Purification

Originally written for Metalcrypt

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