Wednesday, 6 August 2014

[DEMO REVIEW] Venus Torment - Espiral Infinito

1. Intro (Vacio del Espiral Infinito)
2. Agujero de la Perdicion
3. Espectro Negro
4. Venganza y Poder
5. Andromania
6. Sin Muerte

Genre - Death/Thrash Metal

This is a release I've been meaning to write about for a while now, having come across this demo by these obscure Chilean's purely by chance, Venus Torment play a twisted, utterly ripping style of Death/Thrash lying somewhere in the chaotic devastation created by the riff focused brutality of Morbid Saint and bestial madness of the early South American Thrash scene. Being South Amercian themselves it's no surprise that the likes bands like Sarcofago, Chakal, Vulcano and the ilk play a huge influence in Venus Torment's sound.

The guitar work showcased here is utterly savage and sharp, the riffs come at you relentlessly, tearing breakneck through the chaos like a whirlwind of rusty daggers, and the lead work similarly stellar, wild unhinged shredding flailing all over the place and one of the highlights of this demo. The vocals are what gives it that real primitive 'South American' feel, a low throaty rasp previously used by the likes of Wagner Antichrist, indeed you can tell 'INRI' is most likely a huge influence here.

The first track is, as with lots of underground releases these days another completely pointless intro. I guess by now I probably sound like a broken record with respect to this, it's something I've come across so many times but very few intros ever 'set the mood' as they're intended,
serving no purpose in my eyes other that to fill up a bit of time. Anyway, with that bugbear out of the way, as you've probably guessed, the music showcased here is top notch, right from the opening note in track two tearing full throttle out of the speakers and grabbing you by the balls and not letting go right to the very end. From the hardcore punk influences prevalent in the bass and riff work (just listen to “Agujero de la Perdicion” for example) to the deranged soloing in the middle section of “Espectral Negro”, I can only compare it to something like early Kreator on speed.

I may have found these guy by pure accident, but have high hopes for the future, the one guy behind this act has real talent and can only imagine what he'd come up with with a real production behind him. It's a brief affair, clocking in at just under twenty minutes, but nothing other than what you'd expect from a demo in this style of music, just enough to leave you wanting more. No it's not in anyway original, nor do I have a fucking clue about any of the lyrics, but when the music is a brilliant as this, who gives a fuck? Or if you want a somewhat more blunt summary of what's on offer here, just look at that fucking cover. The South Americans seem to have a knack for this, don't they? If you like your metal flat out and morbid, keep an on this guy.  

Sounds like  - Morbid Saint, Celtic Frost, Sarcofago


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