Monday, 7 September 2009

[LIVE REVIEW] Explosions in the Sky, Spring and Airbrake, Belfast, 06/09/09

This post-rock 3-piece come from Texas, and tonight graced the Spring and Airbrake in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Fresh off the tour circuit and a stint down at Electric Picnic in Laios, one could be forgiven for worrying would they be playing at full steam tonight?
First band on the bill were ‘Plastic Rose’ called onto the support slot at last minute apparently. There can only be so many ‘Biffy Clyro’ rip-off bands in the world, and these guys are another one who just aren’t needed. They would also do well to find a better band to rip off as well.
Taking a look around during the break, it was hard to believe so many people could be fitted into the Spring Onion, I would estimate the venue was definitely pushing its 500 capacity. There was a fantastic buzz about the venue that I haven’t felt in a long time in there.
Around 10 pm, the band came on and tore straight into the exotic “First Breath After Coma”, and I don’t say this about many bands, but they are much better live than on record. They were able to capture that dreamy atmosphere impeccably, and you just couldn’t help but stand for long periods during the set with your eyes closed and take it all in. There was a fantastic aura about the band and you could only immerse yourself in it and lose yourself among the music.
All doubts about performance were immediately put to bed as soon as the first notes kicked in, and the band gave absolutely everything, even coming back out after the end explaining to the fans why the couldn’t do an encore; because they had put the whole damn world into their performance and couldn’t physically do any more. That’s dedication. I would advise anyone who regards themselves as a music fan to go see them asap. You may even get to see Natalie Portman too.

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