Saturday, 5 September 2009

Today's Buys

Had a trip into the big smoke earlier. Managed to pick up a 12" of Cabaret Voltaire's arguably most famous song, 'Nag Nag Nag' remixed by Tiga and Akufen. Had to fend off a long haired freak who was kinda like one of those old ladies who sit and watch you playing slot machines until you leave. Haven't listened to it yet though as I currently do not possess a record player at my house. Oh well. Also picked up 'Drawing DOwn the Moon' from bestial Black metal legends Beherit, something I should have done along time ago. Having had the album on cd-r for the guts of 8 years I finally have a hard copy. Wayhey. Last but not least, 'Henry's Dream' by good old Nick Cave. Probably his most underappreciated album. Reviews coming soon!

One of the most iconic black metal photos ever? Probably.

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